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Petasoft GmbH, embedded software development

Petasoft GmbH

Embedded Software Development In another light, things may even look different ...

We, as a small swiss based company, are doing for you (or help
you out with) development, debugging, maintenance and support
of software and tools for embedded systems and applications.

We have some 25 years of experience in various areas of
soft- and hardware development especially doing
(as well as refactoring) any kind of low level software
for telecom and networking systems and appliances.

We try to keep things as simple as possible.
We are used to develop software exploiting the underlying
hardware at its utmost limits. (Sometimes even beyond ;-).
We accept the term "there is no error-free software",
but we have a strong conviction there is always a way to do
software "running stable within a given specification".

And ...
We are not afraid of "historical exotics" as an 1802 or
a LSI-11/xx, for example.

For additional information:

  • Knowledge
  • linux kernel, drivers, applications, file systems
  • psos, rtx, rtos, proprietary realtime os
  • ip, ppp, bridging, routing, dhcp, snmp
  • html, http, php
  • other standard and proprietary networking protocols
  • ethernet, hdlc, mhdlc, tdm, tsa
  • pots, e1/t1, isdn, atm, sdh
  • xdsl (h,s,,ms,a,v ...)
  • wifi (802.11 ...)
  • pci, usb, µlan, sci/spi, mdio, i2c
  • jtag - fpga/cpld interfaces, updating
  • gpu, ...-lcd, keyboards, touch screens
  • proprietary hw drivers
  • embedded CPUs and SOCs from ti, nxp (freescale (motorola)), mips, intel, amd, zilog, arm, atmel
  • DSPs from ti
  • c/c++, assembler, java, modula, pascal, basic
  • sa/sd, uml, xp
  • yocto - oe; jenkins - ci
  • cvs, svn, git, cc; cq, rtc
  • wintel or linux based customer specific tools
  • local/remote configuration&tools
  • local/remote in-system programming&tools
  • system/module test&concepts&tools
  • space and time optimizing ...

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